Advanced Principles

Advanced Poker Tournament Strategy

By Elite Cash Game Pro Matt Berkey
The Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training Principles Course is a ten-week deep study poker tournament
strategy program led by Matt Berkey. Matt is known for his cutting logic and no-nonsense approach, informed
by extensive analytical data and esoteric philosophy. This potent coaching combination melds the
philosophical and analytical; Berkey helps graduates of the Advanced Poker Training Academy level up.
If you’re preparing for a bracelet event, gearing up to attend the Solve For Why Elite Poker Training Academy,
or seeking to better understand what makes all player types in the field tick, the Advanced Principles
Course is dead on point.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Prepare To Dominate The Field: Poker Tournament Strategy
The Solve For Why Advanced Poker Principles Course is the best way to unpack the
wealth of distilled knowledge you've received during the three-day Advanced Poker
Training Academy. Ten weeks of intensive online sessions solidify and help you apply
paradigm shifting principles to become a master. If you are ready to take your poker
tournament strategy to the next level and attend the Elite Academy, or simply just move
up stakes now, the Advanced Poker Principles Course is the way to do it. This is the
support and sounding board that will help you apply the Solve For Why Framework.
Ensure you have the toolkit to dominate the field.

Stay Sharp And Carry On

From Ideation To Application And Beyond...
Led by Matt Berkey, this ten-week course is designed as continuing education to guide Advanced Poker
Training Academy attendees. Embark further down the S4Y independent learning path. Our mission is to
solidify and apply the Solve For Why Framework and Advanced Academy principles to your poker
tournament strategy. Expanding upon range vs range assessments. Delve deep into range construction,
hand planning (from the river back), and Range vs Range dissection will be the largest points of emphasis.
Each class will be 2 hours in length and be presented on the webinar platform Webex. All classes will be
shared with students indefinitely.

Be The Hero

Your Guide: Elite Cash Game Pro Matt Berkey
Since 2003, Matt Berkey has been playing and profiting as a professional poker
player- amassing nearly $4 million in tournaments to date. He began beating
the $1-$2NL and $2-$5NL while earning his BS in Computer Science from Gannon
University. Today he can be found playing as high as $300/$600/$1200 NL in Ivey's
room. He has final tabled 6 World Series of Poker events, including two this past
summer, profiting over $300,000. Matt's success is a direct product of being a student
of the game. If you're ready to be Luke Skywalker and destroy the Death Star that is
the infinite micro-learning loop, Berkey is ready to be your Yoda.


Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training is not poker for dummies. Level up your cash game strategy and become a force majeure at the table.

The Solve For Why framework is practical and adaptable learning that shuns the rote memorization of how to play what in the bullshitty infinite micro-learning loop. We ask you to go deeper and guide you through an applied philosophy that will help you level up your game.