The Path

Start Here: Advanced Poker Primer 01

Start Here: Advanced Poker Primer

Start Here. If you've never attended the Advanced Poker Training Academy, the Solve For Why Poker Primer is the place to start. Taking this online course will provide the in-depth background needed for you to get the most out of your experience at our live academy. Consider this your prerequisite work. It is always good to brush up on your poker play fundamentals, and the Poker Primer is re-playable as many times as you wish. Join us online for focused, advanced poker training webinar coursework to supplement the primer course. Let's level up your game.

Advanced Poker Training Academy 02

Advanced Poker Training Academy

Three-day intensive live advanced poker training with RFID poker table tracked play and analysis for poker pros and those who wish to be. Solve For Why is a comprehensive framework for thinking differently about live poker strategy. Poker is not merely a game of numbers. Leveraging psychology to decrease your opponent's comfort level and accumulating information as play evolves leads to profit maximization. Attending the Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training Academy will allow you to build upon your current strengths and become the player you fear.

Advanced Poker Principles 03

Advanced Poker Principles

Led by Matt Berkey, this 10-week course is designated to guide attendees, post-Academy, as they embark further down the independent learning path. Our mission will be to solidify Academy principals while further expanding upon range vs range assessments. Range construction, hand planning (from the river back), and Range vs Range dissection will be the largest points of emphasis.

Each class will be 2 hours in length and be presented on the webinar platform Webex.

All classes will be shared with students indefinitely.

Advanced Poker Training Forum 04

Advanced Poker Training Forum

A robust learning community, our advanced poker training forum is available to be viewed by all. To comment, you must register for the S4Y Community. As a means to further the discussion, we have also created private channels dedicated to those who have attended the Academy or are members of the S4Y Community. Poker Forum threads will be initiated by the Solve for Why instructors in order to promote a healthy discussion and learning environment. As S4Y Community Member, you can send desired thread topics to the Solve For Why Coaching staff.

Elite Poker Training Academy 5

Elite Poker Training Academy

Five-day immersion advanced poker training where we take your established cash game strategy and shoot for bigger targets. Move up stakes with the guidance of a team who's been there. We take the framework and strategy you developed in the Advanced Poker Training Academy and go deeper. Delving into contrarian thinking giving birth to maximum play adaptability. We cement your knowledge of all player types and prepare you for understanding the mind of a maniac. We identify and mitigate your current weaknesses and transmute them into strengths.

Advanced Poker Videos and Webinars 6

Advanced Poker Videos and Webinars

Distance education on specialized topics ranging from ``what to do when AND WHY`` to ``negotiating backing,`` available to S4Y Community Members. Elite cash game pros Matt Berkey and the Academy coaches teach and discuss their proven strategy in comprehensive webinars you can replay as many times as you like. The Solve For Why coaches will answer select, relevant questions attendees may have. For questions not covered in an archived webinar, you may send an email and a Solve For Why Coach will reply and/or start a thread in the S4Y Community Forum.


It’s time to level up your poker cash game strategy. Become a part of an elite community today.