Advanced Poker Training Academy (Full Tuition)


The Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training Academy is a three-day intensive, live advanced poker training with RFID poker table tracked play and analysis for poker pros and those who wish to be. Solve For Why is a comprehensive framework for thinking differently about live poker strategy. Join Matt Berkey and the Solve For Why team of elite cash game pros with over $4 million in live cash game wins for in-depth hand by hand analysis.

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Guidance And Strategy Through Hand-By-Hand RFID Analytics

Poker is not merely a game of numbers. Leveraging psychology to decrease your opponent’s comfort level and accumulating information as play evolves, leads to profit maximization. S4Y delivers a proven framework to level up your game.

Gain Strengths From Identifying Your Weaknesses With Complete RFID Play Tracking.

Advanced Poker Training For The Next Generation

Attending the Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training Academy will allow you to build upon your current strengths and become the player you fear. By measuring and analyzing every single hand you play while in attendance, you come out with a complete picture or what is influencing your choices.

Applied Knowledge Is Power.

The Path To Greatness

Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training is not poker for dummies. Level up your cash game strategy and become a force majeure at the table. The Solve For Why framework is practical and adaptable learning that shuns the rote memorization of how to play what in the bullshitty infinite micro-learning loop. We ask you to go deeper and guide you through an applied philosophy that will help you level up your game.