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The Advanced Principles Course is now INCLUDED with the purchase of an Academy seat.

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Designed as a follow-up to the Academy, the Advanced Principles Course is a 10-lesson web class lead by Matt Berkey in which students will embark further down the Solve For Why learning path. The Course’s mission is to solidify Academy principles while further expanding upon them. The largest points of emphasis for this course are range construction, range vs. range assessments, and overall hand planning.

**The Advanced Principles Course is now INCLUDED with the purchase of an Academy seat.


Lesson 1 – Bridging the Gap

Emphasis on simplifying Academy concepts as well as compartmentalizing them so that we shift the focus to a few specific ones at a time.

Topics covered:

  • Advanced Principles course introduction
  • Strategy Definition
  • The incentives behind Capitalization vs Realization
  • GTO Principles

Lesson 2 – Fight or Flight

This lesson will refresh your memory on some of the most critical aspect of our strategy– unrelenting fight and the expected response of the field.

Topics covered:

  • Waging war
  • Battling against other battlers (sticky opponents)
  • Leveraging against flight (identifying fit or fold and over capitalizing)
  • Game Flow (setting the pace and not forcing spots)

Lesson 3 – Line Work (Part 1)– Board textures and Range Splitting (advantage/disadvantage)

This lesson will pick up where we left off on day 3 of the Academy. We will revisit advantaged boards & how to calibrate our barrels

Topics covered:

  • Allowing equity to be our guide
  • Range advantage & the nature of capping
  • Board textures
  • The five key equity concepts (Realization, Capitalization, Retention, Denial, Fold Equity)
  • 1, 2, and 3 barrelling
  • The power of surrender
  • Betting when at the bottom of our range
  • Check raising on disadvantage boards w/hands that lack clarity

Lesson 4 – Line Work (Part 2)– Neutral board textures (turn and river decisions)

This lesson will unpack flop play on those up for grabs board textures. Here we will examine a multitude of line work including:

  • Bet/Bet/Bet
  • Bet/Bet/Check
  • Bet/Check (and all variations– bet/ch/c, bet/ch/fold, bet/ch/raise, etc)
  • Check/Bet/Bet
  • Check/Check/Bet
  • Check/Check/Check

Lesson 5

This lesson will explore the concept of balance, relating primarily to postflop play and featuring several example hands. It will form the foundation of many of our postflop discussions.

Topics covered:

  • What is balance?
  • When and why do we need it?
  • Building balanced ranges (street-by-street)
  • Effects of SPR

Part 2 – Introduction to Max Exploitation

Lesson 6 – Preflop (part 1) Defense

This lesson will start back at the beginning of our strategy with a max exploit vantage point

Topics covered:

  • Blind Defense (exploit: over realizing when compensated)
  • Button Defense (exploit: leveraging position to over capitalize)
  • 3 Bet Defense (both as original raiser & cold caller)
  • Exploits: over realizing equity in big pots
  • C-betting and barrelling as defender (exploit: over bluffing– ceasing initiative vs showdown ranges)
  • Effects of SPR

Lesson 7 – Preflop (part 2) Offense

This lesson will see us diving deeper into what it is to be sticky and how to properly fight for every shred of equity.

Topics covered:

  • The art of calling (exploit: poor post linework)
  • Cold Calling (exploit: Under cbettors or blasters)
  • 3 betting (Max exploit, never flatting vs non adjusting opener)
  • Cold 4 betting (exploit: over folders OR over callers)

Lesson 8 – Post Flop Positional Play

This lesson will build off the previous, where we are the preflop caller.

  • Protecting a capped range
  • Flop raises
  • Floats
  • Turn raises to showdown
  • River raises
  • Bluffs vs Value
  • Trapping (balancing)

Lesson 9 – Overbetting

This lesson will introduce and dissect overbetting, specific to capped ranges. We will also introduce when to overbet a merged as an exploit based on player tendencies

Topics covered:

  • Flop Over Bets (rare)
  • Turn Over Bets
  • River Over Bets
  • Over bet shoving (pre & post)
  • Over betting merged (exploit)
  • Feigning balance

Lesson 10 – The Fragile Competitive Psyche

This lesson will wrap up the course by taking a hard look inward. By correctly identifying where we falter in accordance to the strategy as it has been presented, we can then not only sure up those areas, but also begin to prey on others who suffer from similar shortcomings.

Topics covered:

  • Live Tells
  • Stomaching the swings
  • Manufacturing Gamble
  • The Soft Skills

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