Meet The Solve For Why Team

Matt Berkey 01

Matt Berkey

Since 2003, Matt Berkey has been playing and profiting as a professional poker player- amassing nearly $4 million in tournaments to date. He began beating the $1-$2NL and $2-$5NL while earning his BS in Computer Science from Gannon University. Today he can be found playing as high as $300/$600/$1200 NL in Ivey's room. He has final tabled 6 World Series of Poker events, including two this past summer, profiting over $300,000. Matt's success is a direct product of being a student of the game. A passionate writer and blogger, Matt's writings- both poker related and personal- have been featured in many websites and online magazines. He is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. To read more of Matt's contributions visit his personal blog at

Jordan Young 02

Jordan Young

Recognized for his raw aggression and natural talent, Jordan is a trend setter in an ever-changing landscape of poker. During the first 7 of his decade-long career, Jordan Young played online poker professionally at the highest levels. He accrued over $5.5 million in online cashes. In late 2014 he spent some time in Vegas with fellow pro Matt Berkey learning the finer points of off the felt work. Armed with a new approach in May 2016, he finished second place in the PokerStars SCOOP main event earning him $457,000, his largest cash to date. The score’s continued to pile up in 2017, starting the year with a win in the MSPT Poker Bowl for $117,000, followed by a runner-up finish in the WSOP for $242,000. Jordan's success is a testament to his willingness to evolve.

Christian Soto 03

Christian Soto

An accomplished cash game player and coach, Christian made two final tables in 2015 grossing nearly $100,000 in earnings. In 2016, He participated in his first World Series of Poker, resulting in seven cashes- including the World Series of Poker Main Event. Christian Soto is the first success story of The Academy. An already accomplished mid-stakes grinder, and coach himself, Soto felt his growth had plateaued. Christian flew to Vegas to attend a training academy put on by Berkey which included fellow Solve for Why coach Jordan Young, amongst others. Christian's success can be directly correlated to the hard work he's put in off the felt, as well as the pivotal opportunities he's positioned himself to capitalize on.

Solve For Why Is Different Than Other Poker Schools

Cutting-edge Technology

First training camp to use RFID poker table technology for recording and reviewing your entire cash game play.

Holistic Strategy

The fundamentals and mechanics of poker aren’t enough. We teach you the human element, emphasizing psychology and personal interactions.

Unique Approach

Elite cash game pros Matt Berkey, Jordan Young, and Christian Soto run the only poker training camp that teaches live game strategy.

Quality Over Quantity

The experience levels of our elite poker coaches are second to none in the live poker training market. The volume of data and analysis provided sets S4Y apart.

Business Acumen

We discuss our own paths in hopes of helping you navigate business deals such as selling action and staking and bankroll management and variance.

Nuanced Psychology

Learn the survival skills necessary in reaching high levels of success. We will guide you through managing stress, mental focus, and correct posture.


The Evolution of Poker Cash Game Strategy

Solve for Why is the next generation poker training academy that offers advanced poker training and live cash game strategy to serious poker players that want to raise stakes and elevate their play. Why bother with traditional training sites? Instead, Solve For Why.