MTT Tournament Academy

Looking For A Tournament Poker Edge?

Full Attendance including recorded play on RFID sensor table.

During this 5-day Academy, The Solve For Why coaches will take attendees through the three major stages of tournaments; early (pre-ante leading into bubble play), mid (bubble play down to 2 tables), and late (end game: final table bubble, final table play). Each stage provides an in-depth look at the strategy the Solve for Why coaches have been successfully implementing for themselves and throughout their poker coaching careers. Learn key concepts like when and how to accumulate a big stack, and recognizing when survival is of utmost importance. While each individual will be challenged to build a strategy of their own, being given foundational tools in which to do so will allow for the process of building a tournament poker edge.

The gameplay will be unique. Each day players will play a fast-moving event where each time they are eliminated, they will simply come back into the event as the average stack, replicating a different player from the field. Day 1’s gameplay will result in everyone bagging and tagging while we tally each of their bust-outs for a weighted scoring system. Day 2 – 4 will be more of the same, only we will theoretically be playing down to the final table bubble. Day 5 will represent a final table for everyone in which prizes will be awarded based on place of finish weighed against the number of times re-entered. Prizes will include Solve for Why shop products as well as 3 hours of 1-on-1 coaching to the overall winner.

NOTE: Tickets for attendance are $4,500 each, and observer tickets are available for $1,500 each.

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May 18 2020 - May 22 2020


11:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Solve For Why HQ


Solve For Why HQ
Matt Berkey


Matt Berkey