advanced poker training matt berkey solve for why
08 Jan

Advanced Poker Training Academy

Three-day intensive live advanced poker training with RFID poker table tracked play and analysis for poker pros and those who wish to be. Solve For Why is a comprehensive framework for thinking differently about live poker strategy. Poker is not merely a game of numbers. Leveraging psychology to decrease your…

elite poker training matt berkey solve for why
14 Dec

Elite Poker Academy

Elite Poker Training Academy
Five-day immersion advanced poker training where we take your established cash game strategy and shoot for bigger targets. Move up stakes with the guidance of a team who’s been there. We take the framework and strategy you developed in the Advanced Poker Training Academy and go deeper. Delving into contrarian thinking giving birth to maximum play adaptability. We cement your knowledge of all player types and prepare you for understanding the mind of a maniac. We identify and mitigate your current weaknesses and transmute them into strengths. Become the best at your current level.