About Solve For Why

Solve for Why is a unique poker coaching experience. We are the only advanced poker training camp in the market that teaches live poker strategy. We turn conventional poker wisdom on its head and provide you with philosophy and real-time analytics that give you a competitive edge. Our strategy is more profound than the percentages on what to do with your pocket fives. We focus on psychology and personal interactions.

At Solve For Why, we employ cutting-edge technology and are the first and only poker training camp to use RFID sensor technology for recording and reviewing your entire play. Our advanced poker training academy delivers a framework to think and act differently. Solve For Why is poker evolved.

The Tech

Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training is the only program of its kind currently existing in the poker training space. We love the data we get from out RFID sensor poker table, but applying this data to a holistic cash game strategy is where the real difference lies. Poker strategy, fundamentals, and poker mechanics just are not enough to prepare you for poker cash game dominance. Our poker coaching applies tech and analytics to the human element, emphasizing psychology and personal interactions. By attending our Advanced Poker Training Academy, you will experience and learn invaluable cash game strategy from elite level poker coaches with proven track record – In just three days.

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The Application

We don’t just apply the data from our RFID sensor poker table to the psychology of your play; we talk about the real-life issues with being a pro. By sharing our trial by fire stories, you can glean from the business acumen we’ve developed. The Advanced Poker Training Academy is poker coaching that covers how to navigate business deals like selling action and staking. If you’re seriously playing poker for a living, Solve For Why covers practical issues like accounting, bankroll management, and variance. We will guide you through managing stress, mental focus, correcting posture, and other techniques that all affect your cash game play and your bankroll.

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Meet The Team

The Solve For Why Cash Game Coaching Team is high stakes poker pro Matt Berkey, Jordan Young, Christian Soto, Matt Hunt, and now the Just Hands Team of Zach Resnik and Jack Laskey. Since 2003, Matt Berkey has been playing and profiting as a professional poker player- amassing nearly $4 million in tournaments to date. Recognized for his raw aggression and natural talent, Jordan Young is a trendsetter in an ever-changing landscape of poker. An accomplished cash game player and coach, Christian Soto made two final tables in 2015 grossing nearly $100,000 in earnings. Zach and Jack of Just Hands are mid stakes cash game coaching specialists ready to help you move up stakes.

Solve For Why Is Poker Evolved

Solve For Why is advanced poker training with real-world applications.

It’s time to level up your game. Abandon the bullshitty infinite micro-learning loop in favor of next-level poker coaching and join our elite community today.